IndieWebCamp is a 2-day creator camp focused on growing the independent web

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Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki is the co-founder of IndieWebCamp, currently the CTO of Esri R&D Center, Portland. Formerly the co-founder of Geoloqi.


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indieweb support

See p3k

working on

I'm working on building the following building blocks of the Indie Web

I'm building indieweb functionality into my personal site, p3k

figured out

Things I feel like I've figured out pretty well, have shipped on my own site, can depend on, and am available to help explain to others.


Also see: p3k#Itching

  • an indie reader
  • private groups - wanting to communicate privately with some group of people. This past year I have been finding private/secret Facebook groups very useful for certain things. How does this translate onto our individual sites?
  • archive to wayback machine
    • some time after publishing posts on my site, send a ping to the wayback machine to trigger archiving it
    • send a ping for any pages that I link to

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