IndieWeb Summit: June 4, 2016!


RelMeAuth is an authentication method that uses personal URL for identity that rel-me link to established OAuth provider(s) to perform the actual authentication.

See: for more details.



Dan Connolly is nifty... like OpenId but even simpler.

Dan W

RelMeAuth looks good, might have to re-add rel=me's to my site

Jeff Lindsay

Invited to @IndieWebCamp, didn't have IndieAuth domain to login. Took 10s to add rel="me" to homepage. No "providers". Your move OpenID


Open source implementations


Q: Why does RelMeAuth need a silo backlink?

A: RelMeAuth is composed of two building blocks, rel-me, and OAuth. rel-me requires bidirectional linking for confirmation of identity consolidation.

There are also usability, error detection, and recovery reasons for keeping such a double opt-in mechanism when delegating authentication. For example, it prevents one from delegating their RelMeAuth to another person's silo account.

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