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instagram-logo.jpg This article is a stub. You can help the IndieWebCamp wiki by expanding it. is a popular image hosting silo most well known for square photos that have been processed with an image filter. In 2013, Instagram added support for 15 second video posts.

Exporting your data and let you export your Instagram photos. (source) can copy all of your Instagram photos and videos to WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger, creating a new blog post for each, with the original dates and all comments intact.



Instagram does not have a photo upload API. However they do have comments delete / create APIs. So here's how you can fake POSSE to Instagram:

  1. You post to Instagram using their client app, including location information, people tags, and caption (first comment).
  2. Your server receives a notification of the photo post via webhook call back
  3. Your server copies the photo (in PESOS fashion) to your own server
    1. creating a permalink for the photo on your own server
    2. copying the location information, people tags, and caption
    3. adding a link to the copy of the photo on Instagram with rel-syndication
  4. Your server deletes the first comment on the Instagram photo
  5. Your server creates a new first comment (thus caption) on the Instagram photo, as you, with:
    1. original caption contents followed by permashortlink for the photo on your server

And bingo, you've effectively created a POSSE copy of your photo on Instagram since it now has a permashortlink back to the new "original" on your own site.

At this point you can also use a service like Bridgy to backfeed comments on the photo from Instagram to your own site.

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  • Videos and Photos have a very similar UI. 00:38, 1 July 2013 (PDT)


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