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Your homepage represents you on the web. Typically it’s at the root of your domain (e.g.


IndieWeb Examples

Some interesting indieweb home page examples of contact information (e.g. hCard), maps for location, live IM status etc. - probably worth expanding and document each of these:

Things currently on homepages

  • A profile, marked up with h-card.
    • Photo, name, URL, approximate location, short bio, categories/tags
    • rel-me links to your other identities on the web
  • contact links (aim: mailto: tel: etc. see [1] for some UI brainstorming on this)
  • A composite feed of all your posts
  • Your local time
  • Last seen (last checkin/location post)
  • upcoming events
  • projects

Homepage Brainstorming

Things which could go on homepages which aren’t currently implemented.

  • payment links/buttons
  • local weather/daylight (extra context)
  • people I’ve mentioned recently
  • tags I’ve used recently
  • actions like subscribe, contact, add to address book
  • latest comments

I did some homepage sketches/brainstorming here 14:32, 18 June 2013 (PDT)

I might be adding links to /me (my profile page) and /about (about the site, license info, powered by, hosted at, etc.) to my homepage. --Sandeep Shetty

Webmentions sent directly to home pages could serve a number of use-cases:


Articles and posts about homepage design and features:

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