IndieWeb Summit: June 4, 2016!

2013/Guest List



IndieWebCamp 2013 takes place through in Portland, Oregon

Additional URLs:


personal identity

To add yourself to the guest list:

  1. Log in with your own domain!
  2. Add yourself to the #Creators section
  3. There is no step 3.

Using your Google/Facebook/Github or other silo URL as your identity is not indie enough!

If you're serious about the Indie Web, then you can demonstrate that by setting up your own domain.

creators only

Like 2011 & 2012, IndieWebCamp 2013 is for active creators only in order to focus the limited time we have on productive real world discussions and code/design/ux sharing that will help us move forward.

Being a creator means you must do one or more of:

  • code. create or contribute to indieweb open source projects
  • design. create or contribute to indieweb designs, graphic, layout, adaptive or otherwise.
  • ux. create wireframes or other indieweb user interface flows

As an indieweb creator, you must be using the things you create (code, design, ux) on your personal site.

As an indieweb camp creator, you must share at least some small part of what you create and run on your personal site.

Still not sure if you're an indieweb creator?

Check out the Creator wiki page.

apprentices to creators

Perhaps you don't have a personal site.

Perhaps you're a creator, but only for other people, and don't actively create things for your own site.

Maybe you're really excited about the IndieWeb and want to join it as soon as you can!

You can still attend IndieWebCamp as an apprentice to a creator.

A creator may bring an apprentice, and is completely responsible for them.

If you're not a creator, but want to be, or want to create and contribute to the indieweb but don't know where to start, team up with a creator, and ask them to add you.

In the meantime, be sure to get setup with your own personal identity so you can contribute to the wiki, and start learning what you can do to add your personal site to the indie web.

Official Guest List

Venue Capacity: 50

  • signed-up: 35 creators, 2 apprentices (was 3, but one Apprentice upgraded herself to a Creator during the event!)
  • missed-you: 10
  • spots remaining: 3

Want to help? Sign up to volunteer!.

Create your account, then add:

  • Your name linked to your wiki user page (optionally a link to your company/organization/project(s) after your name)
  • URL to your personal indieweb site (will be auto-linked by the wiki)
  • link(s) to the code/design/ux shared projects that you create/iterate/contribute to that you run on your indieweb site. e.g. links to github or even directly to files on your own site as long as they have self-contained open source or content licensing as appropriate.
  • IndieWebCamp buttons to your website

Wait List

Sorted by datetime added.

We are ALMOST FULL to capacity for Creators and Apprentices. Please add yourself to the bottom of the Wait List HERE:

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
avatar.jpg [[|Givenname Familyname]] ([ OrganizationName]) stuff you've built/created or are working on creating Twitter, Github, etc.


Alphabetically sorted by full display name.

We are ALMOST FULL to capacity for Creators and Apprentices. Check the counts before you add yourself. Please add yourself to the Wait List above.

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
photo.jpg Aaron Parecki (Esri) p3k, webmention,, Photo Archiver @aaronpk,
c08a6a4dddf44f1d83724636f8c374f0.png Adam Souzis (OneCommons) Scrapple Vesper
caseorganic-indieweb-128px.jpg Amber Case (Esri) @caseorganic
aug-face.gif Augustin Bralley unhosted, datacosmos, gratzi @datacosmos,
dual_avatar.jpg Austin King (Mozilla) BrowserID, C.R.E.A.M.' @ozten,

saturated.jpg Ben Werdmuller Writemo, idno @benwerd,
e45b2f874537995a2ec2db5df88f682e.png Bethany Soule @thatgirl,
903d96c91eb06237d765695845d51e72?rating=X&size=128&fext=.jpg Brad Fitzpatrick OpenID, PubSubHubbub, Camlistore, Go, ... @bradfitz
8d8b82740cb7ca994449cccd1dfdef5f?rating=X&size=128&fext=.jpg Bret Comnes git
bslatkin_headshot.jpg Brett Slatkin (Google) PubSubHubbub, camlistore @haxor, github

brian_150.jpg Brian Hendrickson @brianjesse,
me.jpg Dan Reeves @dreev,
0839bed78f8f75c8cca3d4477a7fa637.png Don Park irc bot @donpdonp,
erin.jpg Erin Richey @erinjo
80132124e62b1dd920c406165552014fe740672de09bf1491143f92218d81b2d?s=128&.jpg François Marier (Mozilla) Persona, Libravatar @fmarier on Identica and Twitter,,

e93c207a37df3d85bbf072c014d9eae4?size=128.jpg Harlan T Wood (Enlightened Structure)
02573ae0d0e34745b5b6c4fbefddf632.png?size=128.jpg Jack Senechal (Enlightened Structure)
c12d3fbfeaadf8e314d566cfd96e524e.png Jessy Kate Schingler (The Embassy Network) Modernomad software for open shared living spaces;  Geopad (on github) @jessykate,
jernst-wef_bigger.jpg Johannes Ernst (Cloudstore Technologies) LID, OpenID, Yadis for user-centric identity, InfoGrid graph database, now Personal Clouds and Cloudstore so it becomes easier to re-assert control on the web. Also, I put my pool on-line @Johannes_Ernst, Github
sig-icon.gif Josh Juran Perl/Markdown -> HTML preprocessor

kmsquareprofile128.jpg Kevin Marks @kevinmarks,, Blog, Microformats, Activity Streams, FlowPast
d1a37c891b67e5ee52e5f79e56d28cb1_bigger.jpeg Maurice Edward Borasky (What Hath Von Neumann Wrought?) @znmeb Computational Journalism Publishers Workbench
481e3c71114ffc546315f97af9b60d64.jpg Nick Doty (W3C & UC Berkeley iSchool) [1] pulls a map of my location from [2], @npdoty, (including some code for friendly PGP on FB profiles)
8cf18c576cd2dd6a3186ee059ceb72a6.jpg Paul Fenwick I write lots of APIs in Perl to get info out of other sites. @pjf, Facebook
7129ff665d962af537bf7a01f392396d.png Randall Leeds ( CouchDB, A brand new Web journalling tool I'm making @tilgovi,

f95a5b0086a9623387207da983c8141a?size=128&fakefilename=.jpg Reid Beels IndieWeb for Communities: Citizenry, Calagator @reidab,
robhead-square-small.jpg Rob Lord (Mozilla) Mozilla Persona TBD "User Services" @ Mozilla
Sasha Kovar @github
sanchit.png Sanchit Karve @github (Privly Project) Twitter
ee8facdb895a1b1f97d9e7c286982686.png Sean McGregor @github (Primarily works on the Privly Project) @seanmcgregor

member_72627212.jpeg Solomon Kinard [ resource infobox] @sawdabee
logo.jpg Tantek Çelik (Mozilla) CASSIS JS∩PHP (on github), Whistle (URL shortener), Falcon (my CMS), RelMeAuth @t,
220px-Ward_Cunningham_-_Commons-1.jpg Ward Cunningham (Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.) Federated Wiki, Txtzyme @wardcunningham,
logo.jpg Will Norris (Google) Various WordPress plugins @willnorris,
f463c712e05a400d89f323ed6c6b91a2.jpeg Davy Stevenson (Elemental Technologies) Elemental Technologies is hosting us at their offices! Davy from Elemental needs to be on site during the whole event. We should help her get her own site set up! UPDATE: site set up!! Thanks Aaron! @davystevenson,


Apprentices, add yourselves with your name, personal URL (if any), Creator, more info. Alphabetically sorted by given name.

We are ALMOST FULL to capacity for Creators and Apprentices. Check the counts before you add yourself. Please add yourself to the Wait List above.

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Apprentice Of More info
becca-face.gif Becca McGovern Augustin Bralley @gratziorg

prapp2vuup4ox3vrwopf.jpeg Klint Finley Amber Case Enterprise and dev tech reporter for Wired. Columnist for TechCrunch. @klintron

Remote Participants

As with past IndieWebCamps, we'll setup remote participation for folks who can't be there in person but can still participate during the camp over IRC and hopefully live video.

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
5d5a4d-Facing-Down_100x100xCR.jpg Barnaby Walters Taproot, php-mf2, web actions, @barnabywalters
photo.jpg Matthias Pfefferle Webfinger for WordPress (on github), OStatus for WordPress (on github), Pubsubhubbub for WordPress (on github), OpenWeb Icons (on github) @pfefferle,
8626de5d658327bccfc0963464e6bcf5?rating=X&size=128&fext=.jpg Brennan Novak Social-Igniter @brennannovak
avatar_cc9f8de082b1_128.png Mark Wunsch CLI & Ruby Lib for writing making/reading Tumblr posts in plain text, Ruby microformat lib and CLI, old but not yet dead @markwunsch, github, CC-licensed audio clips
64a4d7587e6e3db5b5ff8152b25eb1bc?s=128&d=mm&r=g&fext=.jpg Sandeep Shetty Really Simple Social Blogging, Converspace, WebMention, RecentChanges, otxt, Markaround,,, @sandeepshetty
shane-becker-avatar-small.png Shane Becker (The Farmhouse) NewBase60 (URL shortener based on Whistle), Dark Matter, Farmhouse Conf @veganstraightedge,
226570_508277977420_617357257_a.jpg Tom Morris Ferocity @tommorris, wikipedia, github
502a5afcc050ed5276811a98273cc10f.jpg Joseph Boyle @josephboyle,
6e29bd1ab6706b1c2f518848332fec45.png Mohit Gupta (Clever) I love privacy patterns, live here, think about design journals , want meaningful location and tweet sometimes
headshot1.jpg Glenn Jones microformats-node,

eschnou-cartoon-128.jpg Laurent Eschenauer Storytlr,

Node Ostatus,,


489049809_adfd8eb0ca_m.jpg Kaliya "Identity Woman" On the fence about making it up to Portland this time. @identitywoman
me.jpg Boris Smus lightning static blog engine @borismus


Folks that can't make it (but hopefully can participate before/after remotely!)

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
3e24d16.jpg Andy Smith (termie) [3] @termie
5178dd3750e72a7ac8534613c64971aa.png?size=128.jpg Jessica Lynn Suttles Ruby microformats2 parser @jlsuttles,
05b73afa3f75c234598f5dadf53679ca.png Joël Franusic (Twilio) JSON DNS (DNS to HTTP proxy) @jf,
rachel-128.jpg Rachel Wente-Chaney

With deep regrets and frustration (schedule complications). Snowy Dog @rwentechaney

Missed You

Sorry to miss you folks - hopefully you can make it next year!

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I build on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
112964840_75.jpg Atul Varma (Mozilla) twitblob, instapoppin', simplesauce, browserid-static-file-server, quickpreso @toolness,
4173515888_fb3855db91_s.jpg Audrey Eschright IndieWeb for Communities: Calagator, Citizenry
photo.jpg Ben Atkin resource infobox @benatkin
gravatar.png Brian Suda () @briansuda,
fpy4qy9ltc9bdb29o3jd_normal.jpeg Eric Holscher @ericholscher
d603196f3e414923a985c897c2d3a8fb.jpg Faddah Wolf Github stuff, Javascript coding, Wordpress Blogs, HTML5 coding, web & mobile stuff. @yuetsu on and Twitter, faddah on Facebook, also on Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and, of course, Github.
d2b645001d35dbeb0bee1300f8d0ef40.jpg?size=128.jpg Gwen Bell
pipe.jpg Kyle Drake Coinpunk
self-hosted DIY Bitcoin wallet service
GeoCities V2. Make your own identity/home page.
@kyledrake Github
0c4c8af.jpg Matt Lee (Foo Communications) (Social music platform, on gitorious), GNU social/StatusNet @mattl @mattl @mattl
profile-pic-richard-thumb.png Richard Caceres @github (Various DIY web projects including a static portfolio site generator)