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Known is an open publishing / community platform project.
It aims to be a simple, beautiful way to share your story using a variety of media from any device. It adheres to the IndieWeb technologies and principles.


Goals & Model

Known aims to be easy to install, use and customize. It adheres to IndieWeb technologies and principles.

Known is also a full-time business endeavor. It aims to demonstrate that a sustainable, valuable business can be built on IndieWeb principles.

Ben Werdmuller and Erin Jo Richey have founded Known, Inc as a seed-funded startup incubated at Matter Ventures.


A release candidate version is available to download from


Known will be released on in summer 2014. Both a fully-hosted version and a self-hosted version will be available. Users will be able to move their content from one to the other, in order to (for example) try the software using the hosted version before configuring their own server.

Documentation is being written at

Plugins & themes

Known has a full plugin architecture, making use of PHP lazy loading and the observer pattern. This makes it very easy to create new content types or behaviors.

Known is being developed with the rule that "indie" content - internal posts, likes, etc - are bundled as included plugins in the main source code repository. If you want to POSSE to external sites, you need to install those plugins separately (although they may also be included in a downloadable distribution of the content).

Currently, content includes:

  • Posts (articles)
  • Status updates (notes)
  • Photos (images)
  • Events (events)
  • Checkins (places)
  • Chickens (chickens)
    • Chickens were demonstrated at the 2013 camp but have not been made available as a plugin.

Supported webmention annotations include:

Known also has a Webfinger endpoint that plugins can extend.

IndieWeb Examples

People currently using Known as their primary site:

People currently using Known as a secondary site or trying it out:

How to

Setup Known on nginx has posted a full how-to here Note - the source code change is no longer required and you can now also use Known with MySql.



New content types


Known is designed to be a multi-user system (although Ben and Erin are currently using it as single-user sites). The intention, therefore, is to implement a traditional asymmetrical social networking friends / following model - with an IndieWeb spin.

  • Each user will have a following page, with h-cards marked up using XFN links to each followed user's profile.
  • When User A starts following User B, an appropriate link is made on the following page. A WebMention is sent with the source set to User A's following page, and the target set to User B's profile page.
  • User B's system notifies User B, who can react accordingly.
  • Ideally, this is then attached to a reader component. See below ...

In a future embodiment, each step in the webmention process could be signed on a per-user basis (I'm interested in HTTP signatures, with keys exchanged / assigned at the point of mention. This would allow content to be made privately available to individual users. Other methods of retrieving private web content should also be considered.


Because it's not enough to publish: a way to _consume_ IndieWeb content from a Known user's followed sites and users.


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