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How to make your site Indieweb Friendly

If you're making a content hosting service (e.g. for blogging, photo posting, etc.) and want to be indieweb friendly and interoperate with indieweb sites, start with doing the following:

Indieweb basics:

  1. Provide a way for users to enter a personal website/blog, and then automatically link to it from their profile page with rel=me.
  2. Markup users' feeds with the h-entry microformat including a nested h-card for the authorship information.
  3. Markup users' profile pages with h-card
  4. Let the user automatically syndicate in posts from their personal site
  5. Support PuSH notifications for receiving posts from their personal site
  6. Support parsing h-entry from their personal site posts to syndicate into your service
  7. Link permalinks back to users' original posts from syndicated copies on your service
  8. Use rel-canonical on links from syndicated copies on your service to original posts.
  9. Support webmention + h-entry parsing for receiving comments on users' posts.

Data portability:

  1. Provide a way for users to export all their user data (posts, comments, tags, likes/faves).
  2. ...

Organisations who are Indieweb Friendly

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