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How to make your site Indieweb Friendly

If you're making a content hosting service (e.g. for blogging, photo posting, etc.) and want to be indieweb friendly and interoperate with indieweb sites, start with doing the following:

Indieweb basics:

  1. Provide a way for users to enter a personal website/blog, and then automatically link to it from their profile page with rel=me.
  2. Markup users' feeds and post permalink pages with the h-entry microformat including a nested h-card for the authorship information.
  3. Markup users' profile pages with h-card
  4. Let the user automatically syndicate in posts (marked up using h-entry) from their personal site
  5. Support PuSH notifications for receiving posts from their personal site
  6. Link permalinks back to users' original posts from syndicated copies on your service
  7. Use rel-canonical on links from syndicated copies on your service to original posts.
  8. Support webmention + h-entry parsing for receiving comments on users' posts.
  9. Let users link a domain name to their profile and content, treat that domain as canonical (e.g. Tumblr and
  10. If your service supports subscription/following/friending/anything showing an aggregated timeline/feed/stream, allow users to subscribe to other people’s personal site feeds marked up with h-feed and/or h-entry

Data portability:

  1. Provide a way for users to export all their user data (posts, comments, tags, likes/faves).
  2. Provide HTTP redirects if users want to change their domain name.
    1. (If a service provides profiles such as, and the person wants to change to, the service should leave HTTP redirects in place for* ->*)
  3. ...

Organisations who are Indieweb Friendly

  • supports various indieweb building blocks, outlined in Dalton’s response to Brennan Novak part 2, including:
    • PuSH support both as a publisher and (!) a subscriber, i.e. you can POSSE to without writing a single line of code if you already publish an ATOM feed
    • rel-me support for verified domains, enabling use as an indieauth provider
    • microformats2 support on feeds and post permalinks including h-card and h-entry
    • displays a link to the canonical version of your own posts (example)
  • Add more here


Sites that had some IndieWeb friendliness but appear to have been shut down or experienced site-death.

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