2016/Düsseldorf: May 7, 2016!


Storytlr is an open-source lifestreaming platform. It automaticaly syndicates content from many social services (twitter, youtube, flickr, etc.) and supports content publishing with syndication to Twitter. Making it a great tool for either a POSSE or a PESOS approach to the indieweb. Other features include Activitystream feed with PuSH support, Webfinger support, microformats support, AtomPub API (experimental), Pingback and more.

You can view an example site at: http://eschnou.com.



Storytlr is an open-source project released under the Apache2 license. It is available in RPM packages and can also easily be deployed from source. Follow this https://github.com/storytlr/storytlr/wiki/Install if you want to get started.

Indieweb and FederatedWeb support

  • Data formats
    • Microformats annoted stream (mf1, mf2, h-atom, etc.)
    • Atom feed with activitystream extensions
    • Web actions annotations (share/reply)
  • Protocols
    • Webfinger
    • PubSubHubBub (producer and consumer)
    • OpenID delegation (adding openid2 links in page header)
    • Pingback (send and receive)
    • AtomPub (publishing API)
  • IndieWeb Use cases
    • POSSE -> syndicate to twitter
    • PESOS -> syndicate from all popular web services, e.g.:
      • likes from YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud are PESOS'd into notes on your site (which are then themselves POSSE'd back to Twitter as notes)
      • @-replies from Twitter are PESOS'd into private notes on your site
    • Federated send/receive of mentions via Pingback


Here is a not exhaustive list of ideas and todos. You can also have a look (and submit) ideas/issues to the project Github https://github.com/storytlr/storytlr/issues.

  • Client-side API (Rest/JSON)
    • Command line client (I want to easily post status updates from my command line)
    • Mobile client (will be Android first)
  • Webmention support
  • Federated threaded conversations
  • Follow other storytlr/indieweb users and consume their data
  • Post by email


Indieweb enthusiats currently using it on their own site:

  • Laurent Eschenauer (eschnou.com), main developer of Storytlr.
  • ...