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Social Web Map

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We are creating a 2013 Social Web Map, with the IndieWeb at the center, and different levels of indieness out from there.


Lists of map features - and how sites are included in them.

IndieWeb Confederation

IndieWeb sites that are actively POSSEing and successfully federating comments (e.g. to Eschnou's post).

  • Christopher Ducamp
  • Barnaby Walters
  • Tom Morris
  • ...

IndieWeb League

Superset of the IndieWeb Confederation. IndieWeb sites that are automatically POSSEing posts of at least one type out to a Silo Island Nation (that they're only POSSEing to). E.g. at least one Silo Nation destination where the IndieWeb site owner is only posting via POSSEing from their own website, never directly on the Silo Nation destination.

IndieWeb Alliance

Superset of the IndieWeb League. IndieWebCamp participants (either in person or remote) who have at least an independent identity on their own domain, but ideally regularly post multiple kinds of posts on their own domain.

  • Kevin Marks -
  • Chris Wilson -
  • ...

POSSE land bridges

POSSE land bridges to various Silo Island Nation Destinations.

Silo Island Nation Destinations

Silos that IndieWeb participants are POSSEing out to (direct or indirectly)


Silo Island Nations

Possible to POSSE to (but no one is yet):

Impossible to POSSE to:

Dead Web Sea

Sites that have died, depth by how recently they've disappeared. See site-deaths


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2013-05-14 Social Web Map v0.jpg

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