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<xjjk> hello
<xjjk> does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to archive Activity Streams data?
<xjjk> so far, (for Atom) I'm making 1-entry documents…
<xjjk> similar for JSON
<xjjk> wondering if anyone has done anything different
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<voxpelli> xjjk: what do you mean by archiving?
<voxpelli> xjjk: The JSON spec for ActivityStreams eg. specifies a paging mechanism - that isn't enough?
<xjjk> voxpelli: it's easier to refer to the atom spec… I want to save each <entry>
<xjjk> voxpelli: missed that, I'll take a look
<voxpelli> xjjk: an individual URL for each entry?
<xjjk> voxpelli: yes, that's a description
<xjjk> voxpelli: I don't see anything about paging in http://activitystrea.ms/specs/json/1.0/
<voxpelli> xjjk: Atom itself seems to define something they call "atom entry documents": http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4287
<xjjk> voxpelli: ah
<xjjk> that's probably what I want… reading
<xjjk> voxpelli: that's actually exactly what I wanted, thanks
<xjjk> and was planning on doing
<xjjk> just wanted to make sure it was valid
<xjjk> voxpelli: thanks!
<voxpelli> no idea on how to reference an individual atom entry document from an atom feed document though
<xjjk> with a URI, no idea… but in general you can just refer to the entry's <id>?
<xjjk> on a random tangent… are there any RDF representations of AS in use? I saw some discussion on the mailing list but nothing past what seemed brainstorming
<xjjk> would love to just have 1 HTML+RDFa document instead of HTML, Atom, JSON…
<voxpelli> xjjk: There's the hAtom microformat - but I don't think anyone has tried to get activitystreams to work within it
<voxpelli> regarding the entry's id - that's just a UID-kind of thing - right? No real way to use it to lookup something?
<xjjk> I don't think so?
<xjjk> most people do use a permalink as the ID
<voxpelli> xjjk: check: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4287#section-4.2.6
<voxpelli> I used a tag uri for my id:s last time I created activitystreams: http://taguri.org/
<voxpelli> Since not all of my activities had a real URL it was impossible to use URL:s
<xjjk> interesting
<xjjk> from the semantic Web camp, you'd always use a dereferencable URL as an ID
<xjjk> well, no, matter, not something I need to worry about
<xjjk> voxpelli: thanks for the pointer to the Atom spec
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