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nlA_m2WH.jpeg Tantek Çelik


I'm collecting requests from IRC here when they're something I can't handle quickly and immediately. Roughly FIFO, feel free to re-arrange if you have reasons to suggest a specific prioritization

my indie web setup

silo posting

In general I treat silos as building blocks for my own indie web architecture. They're just another [LEGO] brick in the wall as it were.

However there are some content types that I still post to silos, and am using a PESETAS architecture with two destinations as a stopgap / copying mechanism.

My hope is that by aggregating my silo posting into just two destinations like that, especially Tumblr with a microformats2 supporting theme, that as I add support for content types like photos, video, metrics, jams to my own site, it will be easier to port over past content to my site for historical reference.

Silos I'm using without a copy destination:

  • Foursquare - I treat my Foursquare checkins as semi-private to friends on that silo, and thus I don't have a public PESETAS setup for it. I'm hoping to skip the PESETAS/PESOS step with checkins and implement native checkins directly on my site, and POSSE them out to Foursquare (as Ben Werdmuller does with idno).
  • PBWorks - I have a wiki (AKA PBWiki) hosted there via redirect URL of - and again, hope to skip the PESETAS/PESOS step and directly switch to wiki pages on my own site.


my indie web projects

Stuff I've written to advance the Indie Web (and runs live on

community projects

Other community projects that I contribute to to help enable the Indie Web and everyone owning their own data.


I used to contribute to these too:

  • - formats for sharing "activities", largely defunct except for a low value mailing list (google group). See ActivityStreams on this wiki for latest thinking.
  • - community/forum for discussing how to federate among indie web (and other) sites. Started a slow death after W3C took it over. Now just a noisy W3C mailing list populated mostly by armchair architects.

related blog posts


I am comfortable with the following indieweb creator skills:

  • coding (HTML, microformats, CSS, some javascript/PHP)
  • information architecture (taxonomy, hierarchy)
  • URL design
  • interaction design

I am working on learning better:

  • copywriting
  • typography
  • visual design

want to work especially with

  • visual designers - especially those who have an indieweb presence and want to discuss coding and information architecture improvements.
  • UX designers - can never work with too many UX folks.
  • good writers/bloggers
  • type nerds. who doesn't?

working on


Personal indieweb site functionality (adding to

  • Falcon - my personal content publishing software
  • citation UI - to provide simple copy/paste UI for citing posts (articles (done), notes, other) from my site.
  • webactions - to achieve and exceed UX parity with Twitter's UI on notes on my own site
  • link-preview - something standard for silos to implement (in addition to all their variant site-specific approaches) when providing link previews of my permalinks
  • wiki - I'd like to implement static-file based wiki-like editing/versioning functionality on the static pages on my site, perhaps with explicit "save" edits posted to my updates as d - diff, edit, change posts.

figured out

Things I feel like I've figured out pretty well, have shipped on my own site, can depend on, and am available to help explain to others.

related talks