IndieWebCamp SF 2015: December 3, 2015!


Welcome to the planning page for future IndieWebCamps!

See each individual IndieWebCamp's home page (typically /Year/City ) for planning specific to that camp.


The following IndieWebCamps are planned! Go sign up!


The following IndieWebCamps are currently being planned and need help figuring out a date - help co-organize!

Ordered by date (in order to see what else there may be planned nearby or elsewhere)

  • 2015-11-13 Hackers 20th Anniversary Party in Brooklyn, New York
    • David Shanske Available to plan something this week if someone can locate a venue.
  • 2015-12-19..20 IndieWebCamp NYC?
    • +1 Tantek Çelik I could make this I think. Posting the idea here in case we can get critical mass + venue!
    • David Shanske Available to attend at least part of this
    • ... suggest specific dates if you can co-organize!
  • David Shanske willing to try to work with anyone who needs help in the Northeastern United States, and possibly farther afield if sufficient notice.




The following are twinkles in co-organizer's eyes - help find a venue and/or narrow to a date range!

Potential Cities

Other possible cities - no specific plans or dates - just expressions of interest (which is fine too!)

Help Out

Want to help out with one of those? Say something in IRC and add yourself to the page.

David Shanske is willing to help out with an Indiewebcamp, providing support and planning to the extent possible. This would include some volunteering. Depends on what is needed and when.


Want to organize a 2015 IndieWebCamp in your town and don't see it above?

Start with:

  1. Find at least one committed co-organizer. This is the most important step.
  2. Add a link above to [[2015/YourCity]] or [[2016/YourCity]] for next year
  3. Click it and create the new page, and continue with the steps listed in:


Creator camp not a hackathon

Q: Is IndieWebCamp a hackathon?

A: IndieWebCamps are creator camps focused on helping everyone develop, grow, and advance their personal indieweb presence.

The term "hackathon" has become to mean some sort of short term event where a group of people come up with a typically new project to develop just for the sake of the hackathon, often in a competitive environment, and often for prizes donated by one or more sponsors.

IndieWebCamp resembles that only in the aspect of group collaboration.

  • IndieWebCamp encourages you to work on and improve your existing personal site, not just a new site (unless you need a new site!)
  • IndieWebCamp encourages you to work on your personal site in a way that encourages longevity and your personal use beyond the camp itself.
  • IndieWebCamp focuses on collaboration instead of competition. There are all sorts of different experts at IndieWebCamp and we do our best to both ask questions of each other and help each other!
  • The prize(s) you win at IndieWebCamp are your own improved personal website, hopefully with new features you can then use day-to-day after the camp has completed!

As we do "hack" on stuff (our own websites), IndieWebCamps do have a "hack day" component of it, but certainly not "hackathon" in the commonly understood "corporate hackathon" sense.

Homebrew Website Club

Having trouble finding a co-organizer for your city or unsure how to organize an IndieWebCamp by yourself?

Start a Homebrew Website Club chapter in your city to gather interested individuals and gauge interest in a full weekend IndieWebCamp!


The following 2015 IndieWebCamps have been successfully completed!

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